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So you’ve gotten your hands dirty and you’ve been bitten by the TV bug. How do you get more experience? It’s easy, with an Internship at BCA.

BCA offers a handful of internships to currently matriculating students of the Metro South area.

Production intern – There’s always stuff happening in Brockton and the surrounding areas, the news can only cover so many things, and so many people can only attend these events. Brockton Community Access can make the events available to the public through the medium of television. This internship is intended to help the student learn about production through the coverage of local events.

Government intern – If politics is you passion, then there’s no better place then the control booth at Brockton City Council. BCA provides gavel to gavel coverage of the Brockton School Committee & other City meetings. With a bit of training you can shoot, direct, & produce a Brockton city meeting.

Sports intern – There’s a lot of truly great athletes in Brockton, and their games are really fun to attend. Those who can’t attend however can watch The Boxers face their opponents from the comfort of their home on BCA’s coverage of the many sporting events going on in the city.

Magazine show intern – Capturing an event for full length playback is a great way to simulate actually attending an event. It’s easier to see going on in Brockton through a magazine show which consists of a number of shorter segments highlighting what’s happening in town. While these shorter segments don’t cover the events in as much detail a magazine show is a great way for a viewer to see a wider range of what’s happening in Brockton.

Administrative intern – There’s a lot of events going on around Brockton, and someone has to help organize everything. As an administrative intern it is your responsibility to help plan for upcoming productions, coordinate tape dubs (copies of programs,) and library archival of BCA programming.

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